Our Repair Policy Page

Policy Update
GRE and Radio Shack Repairs
February 4th, 2014

We will continue to attempt repairs on Radio Shack and GRE scanners when we can secure parts. Based on the lack of availabilty of these parts and lack of customer support by these companies, it may take several weeks or longer to repair and there may be times where we cannot secure what is needed to complete. We will attempt to do our best to obtain what is needed but even repairs that may take a few months, is quicker than no repair at all!

Policy Update
Motorola Minitor 5 Repairs
January 1st, 2013

We continue to attempt repairs on Minitor 5 pagers. Please note that effective on this date, any pager that we cannot repair will be the responsibility of the customer to return to Motorola Service Center for repair. Until today, we have not charged for this estimate but we can no longer absorb costs for logging, estimating, packaging, shipping, repair charges from Motorola, and then tracking of the numbers of pagers that are being sent to Motorola.

The only exception to this policy will be those pagers that we originally sold.
We apologize for any inconvenience this policy has caused, however, our personal opinion is that Minitor 5 pagers continue to be sold and shipped with common faults that have yet to be addressed and Motorola offers no service data or parts replacements for issues with these pagers.

Common Minitor 5 Repairs Include:

Motorola charges $78.00 per pager for almost any repair and can be shipped to:

JSC Motorola Service Center
1220 Don Haskins Dr
Suite A
El Paso, TX 79936

Policy Update
Payment Terms - all Repairs
January 1st, 2013

All repairs sent to G&G Communications will be estimated before repairs are made. Until now, our policy of payments for repairs has been liberal and we have repaired radios with the customer giving permission to repair before we receive payment. Unfortunately, whether it is the economy or just a customer exceeding there ability to pay, we have repaired products to have them sit on the shelf for months or even not being claimed after repairs have been made.

In an attempt to save our labor and parts investment, once permissions are given to repair a radio, prepayment by check, money order, credit card, or paypal will be required.

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