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Important Message !  Please read before sending your radio for repair!
We repair radios in the order that they are received.  Our average turnover time to complete repairs is averaging 3 weeks
when parts are in stock.
We repair radios where parts may be hard to obtain and that manufacturers no longer support therefore there are times
when turnover may exceed 30 days to obtain these parts.  Remember, we are repairing some radios that not every one can!
Please make sure you note all accessories sent with your radio.  Typically, just send the radio unless you feel the accessory
you are sending may be part of the problem.
City State Zip Code
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Email Address Date Sent
Radio Information:
Make Model Serial Number
List all Accessories sent with this radio:
Service Information:
[   ] No Transmit [   ] Water Damage [   ] No Tone Alert
[   ] No Receive [   ] No-Low Audio [   ] No Display
[   ] Poor Receive [   ] No Power [   ] Cabinet Damage
[   ] Garbled Receive  [   ] Damaged [   ] Re-Crystal
Describe any other information pertinent to this repair:
Payment Information:
No payment is required until estimate is given.
When repairs are complete and estimate of repair has been given, I would like to pay by:
Credit Card [   ] We accept Master Card or Visa Only  
Paypal [   ] Our paypal address is:  gerry@gcomradio.com
Money Order [   ] Checks and Money Orders made payable to:  G&G Communications
Check [   ] Checks and Money Orders made payable to:  G&G Communications
Net 30 Days [   ] Must be pre-qualified or Municipal Account