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Modifications Available

This is a partial list of the modifications
That we offer.  Some mods are offered as kits
and many we can install.  Call or e-mail for
additional information.


Attention Regency MX5000-MX7000 owners...

Keyboard problems? Click here for information on a kit we designed to replace the now obsolete original keyboard. We can supply as a kit, or modify for you.

General Modifications Available...

Last Updated Sunday, January 28, 2007

-  Bearcat IV audio amplifier replacement.  A kit that replaces the now
   obsolete TBA 641 audio I.C. 
-  Regency Z10 and XL156 conversion to 30 channel operation.
   Additional conversion to full Z30 operation including clock. 
-  Bearcat 760XLT/950XLT/580XLT/590XLT/600XLT scan speed increase. 
-  Bearcat 200/205XLT elimination of low battery cutoff and battery fix
   for intermittent memory problems 
-  Regency D100 conversion to 10.8 Mhz I.F. to eliminate birdie frequencies. 
-  Bearcat 140 conversion to 16 channel, add priority & instant weather. 
-  Bearcat 210XW Repair kit. Eliminates dim display, poor audio, and poor
   power supply design. Also available for BC210XL,BC220,BC20/20,BC300 
   and similar style radios. 
-  Bearcat 250 heat problem.  Kit includes power transformer, regulator,
   and instructions to cure overheating problems. 
-  Regency TS1-TS2 power switch conversion.  Uses relay or electronic
   switch circuit to eliminate high current across the on-off switch. 
-  Regency TS1 channel conversion from 35 to 75 channel operation. 
-  Bearcat 50XL, 55XL - Eliminate low battery beep. 
-  Realistic Pro-32 - Increasing the scan speed. 
-  Bearcat 70XLT DC power jack conversion to use external speaker jack. 
-  Motorola M01CNB and L01CND conversion for audio, AC receptacle replace,
   crystal figures. 
-  Craig - Plectron scan Ic conversion to replace the M5373 IC that is
   no longer available. 
-  Bearcat 210 replacement audio amp. 
-  Bearcat 210 memory battery conversion to standard AA alkaline. 
-  Regency MX5000/MX7000 - Increase scan speed and RF shielding addition.   
-  Bearcat 855XLT - Add 50 channels. 
-  Bearcat BC100XLT Channel conversion to 200 channels, battery cutoff
   elimination, scan speed increase, and battery light switch. 
-  Bearcat 3,4,5,6,8,12 LED colored lamp kits for the old style and any
   scanner using the stnd jumbo LED's. 
-  Bearcat 50XL permanent conversion to Standard battery pack to use
   standard Nicad batteries. 
-  Bearcat 175XL conversion to 20 channels. 
-  Realistic Pro-2022 clock speed enhancement.

Universal/Generic Modifications 
-  Squelch operated auxiliary relay kit.  Auxiliary recording of
   transmissions to tape recorder.  Available for most Bearcat models. 
-  Universal audio replacement amplifiers.  Replace hard to obtain IC's
   with simple audio amp kits. Several variations available.   
-  Eliminate the annoying Regency "BEEP" on keyboard entry.  Available 
   for several Regency Models. 
-  Analog S-meter kit for Realistic & Bearcat Scanners that use the
   MC3357, MC3359, ULN3859, TK10420, and MC3361 I.F. Circuit.  Kit can be
   mounted internally or externally.  Several variations of meters and
   modifications.  Call for available models... 
-  Keyboard Matrix printouts.  Several listings of pinout matrix
   schematics for various makes and models. 
-  Squelch activated tape recording.  Available on several Bearcat
   programmable scanners. 
-  Realistic PRO-2021,Pro-34,Pro-37,Pro-2004,Pro-2005,Pro-2004, Pro-2006,
   Pro-32 scan rate increase.  Also available on several Bearcat Models. 
-  Amplified external speaker kits and modifications. 
-  Pager conversion of several Motorola and Shinwa models to open channel
-  Antenna Preamp kit to boost distant signals.  Mount internally or
   externally.  Optional switch and variable gain controls.   
-  Power supply design schematics. 
-  Crystal Oscillator kit with pc board and parts.  Use to test scanner
   crystals (requires frequency counter). 
-  Nicad battery memory circuits - Charger circuit that eliminates the
   need to replace standard batteries.   

Attention Pro-2005 and Pro-2006 Owners who purchase the Opto 456 board... We can install the Opto 456 board for a flat rate fee of $45.00 plus shipping.
Attention Pro-2035 and Pro-2042 Owners who purchase the Opto 535 board... We can install the Opto 535 board for a flat rate fee of $65.00 plus shipping.
Attention SBE Optiscan Owners... We now carry professionally reproduced Optiscan cards which replace the original plastic cards that are no longer available. These cards require a paper punch to program and are available for $10.95 for a package of three.
Note: This is a partial list of the modifications and kits available for scanners and pagers. We can supply simple schematics, less parts for modifications as well as detailed kits with parts. In addition, we can modify your radio in our shop if you are not technically inclined. Prices are available upon request. WE HAVE HUNDREDS OF MODIFICATIONS FOR SCANNERS AND PAGERS AVAILABLE. CALL OR WRITE WITH YOUR SPECIFIC NEEDS. WE CAN SUPPLY KITS, OR COMPLETE INSTALLATIONS. PRICES ON REQUEST.
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